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The Espoo Diaries, Volume 2, 16-28 March 2004

Previously on The Espoo Diaries: “…I got the cash…” “…I was safe on the plane and nobody was gonna stop me now…” “…Landing in Helsinki was amazing…” “…broadband speeds (up to 2 Meg/s)…” Well it’s been about two weeks since my previous mail, and I guess it is time to relate my further adventures thus far. Work has been work, and keeping me nicely occupied to a large extent. It seems to be an interesting …

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The Espoo Diaries, Volume 1, 13-15 March 2004

Greetings from behind The .fi at the end stands for Finland, of course, which is to be my home for the next few weeks (months?). Two weeks ago, who woulda thought we’d see me plodding through snow-covered streets to see what I could see? I think I’m getting a bit ahead though, let me go back to the beginning. Friday night saw me successfully catch flight LH573 to Frankfurt Airport, albeit by the skin …

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