Monthly Archives: August 2004

Reinhardt Buys engages me on my public comments

Dear Shaun, YOUR COMMENTS ABOUT MYSELF AND BUYS INC. ATTORNEYS First of all I would like to congratulate you… your guts to take on big companies and your blog / hacklist have stirred much needed public debate and will stand out as the high water mark for free speech rights in SA for a long time. Comments on your blog and more recent comments by yourself on made no secret of your dislike for …

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Buys Inc responds to criticism and public comment

Here follows Buys’ response to what was probably a lot of flak from the public (myself included). One of the forums on which a lot of comment was made was By Buys Incorporated Attorneys Members of the public have been contacting our firm after certain media reports claimed that Buys Inc. Attorneys are representing Telkom in their current dispute with, and others. We wish to use this opportunity to clarify some of …

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