Monthly Archives: February 2005

Blogging from the LPI Mass Certification Event

Well, I’m here at Smartsource (in the Novell building at Morningside Wedge Office Park) where they are hosting a mass Linux LPI certification event – a conspiracy to take over the world (ok, maybe just South Africa for now) dreamt up by the folks at Afribiz. I’ve just finished LPIC102, and did LPIC101 this morning, and well, here’s hoping its a success – I’m pretty confident but don’t want to get ahead of myself. It’ll …

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Danko Jones @ The Doors

So despite my Computicket debacle I still got my hands on a ticket to see Danko Jones at the Doors nightclub in Edenvale on Saturday. In all honesty the tickets weren’t that difficult to get hold of – the place was relatively empty but filled up enough to make it worthwhile. 16Stitch opened with a strong performance, although it was a very short set. Still they put on a class act and started to get …

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Computicket, “South Africa’s leading ticket booking site” (?? say what?) has changed their online transactions system so that credit card payments are no longer secure when purchasing a ticket online. (And its not a “secure frame inside an insecure window” thing either.) Furthermore, according to their “Terms and Conditions” ‘1.1 By purchasing tickets via this website, you expressly aggree : 3.4 You further indemnify Computicket and/or the promoters or clients for which it is acting …

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The Meaning of Live

I happened upon the CD store over lunch and picked up a couple of new CD’s to add to the iPod collection. (Yes I do sometimes actually buy music, even though the record companies don’t deserve it.) As it turned out one of the CDs is Live’s “Awake – the best of Live”. And then it happened. While reading through comments in the cover art I found the answer to a long-running mystery – What …

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Help, evil Tuesday.

It’s day’s like these when I contemplate just forgetting about it and giving my brain to science – perhaps they can do something more useful and less frustrating with it.

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