Monthly Archives: June 2005

Google Sightseeing, South African style

As pointed out by Cherryflava and Marc Forrest from Satellite ZA, Google Maps is now starting to cover areas of South Africa. The two sites above have a multitude of interesting locations covered in Google Sightseeing style. also has a bunch of good spots to check out. So now I’m joining the hunt for some more interesting satellite sightseeing locations in .ZA: Alphen Park, Benoni, South Africa (the suburb where I live). The Lakeside …

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Changing Tune

So, surprisingly, it was not very difficult to figure out how to replace a guitar string on my acoustic once I had a bit of guidance from I got a set of extra light gauge strings, it was recommended by the guy at the store, so I’m guessing they should be fine to use – especially for this beginner. Now I just have to change the other five strings and find my wire snippers…

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‘Burst’ at Charelli’s

Thursday evenings are quickly becoming “new music talent scout evenings” for Brad and I. Last night a four piece rock outfit going by the name ‘Burst’ took the stage at Charelli’s. From the outset it was obvious that the guys were not as polished as other acts we’ve seen, but somehow that was a good thing. Having a performance that is a bit rough cut fitted them well. Their slightly less polished solos (at times …

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