Monthly Archives: September 2005

Enter Stormhoek Disruption

Well, it’s done. My market has now officially been disrupted by Stormhoek through my blog and gapingvoid. A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc was delivered by Kempen Wine Merchants (who seem to have a good range of wines they trade in). Here’s the proof: (with my own genuine gapingvoid marketing note imitation) Ok I didn’t get a number or a leaflet – that’s Hugh’s department, but I got the juice. And besides, I know I’ve got …

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Dreary Leery …

Leery playing at Charelli’s. All right I guess. They didn’t blow me away though. I’d think twice before going to see them again.

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Where is the Stormhoek blogger freebie for South Africans?

Lovely, they’ve had a Stormhoek bloggers wine freebie in the UK, Ireland, and now France, so where’s the freebie for South African bloggers? While we may not be the target market, or the largest market, we are a market, and we’re the home market. I’m a blogger. I’m South African. Disrupt my market dammit! 😛 (P.S. Delivery costs should be cheap)

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