Monthly Archives: October 2005

SWANilicious post – My First Firefox Extension

So yesterday I discovered SWANilicious (sorry, Sun employees only) . SWANilicious is Sun’s internal implementation of, an open source equivalent to the social bookmarking tool Of course, having used the Firefox post plugin for quite some time I wasn’t really willing to go back to using a javascript based bookmarklet to add links to SWANilicious. So I took apart post and changed it into SWANilicious post. So I’m proud to announce …

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Speculation on Google Sun Partnership

Right now the levels of curiosity have been driven sky high into what will be announced by Google and Sun later today. Both external and internal to Sun at least. My money? I place it on something along the lines of Google Sound/Music Search. A kind of music referral service, if you will – “the software likely wouldn’t be sold separately, but instead be added onto its servers” and resold to the Napsters and iTunes …

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