Monthly Archives: December 2005

Living 2005

This year my mantra has largely been “Live life and use technology as if it is the year 2005”. By and large I’m getting there – My car has a lot of technology built in. I’ve got wireless internet at home. I can surf from anywhere in my house. I’ve streamlined my ability to migrate across various computers (I’ve used at least 4 different computers as a primary machine in the past half year) by …

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Put Jonga Search in Firefox’s Search Bar

Today I wanted to perform a search on, South Africa’s newest search engine. I, however, really did not feel like opening another tab in Firefox and typing out ‘double-you double-you double-you dot jay oh’ etc. etc.. – I was in serious lazy mode, so instead I created a handy Search Engine addition for Firefox’s Search Bar. And now you can get it too! Just click “Jonga Search” on this page to install. Technorati Tags: …

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Batman Begins

At long last I saw Batman Begins on Sunday, and what a good show it was! With an excellent storyline, intense special effects, and the perfect balance of convincing acting, this is without a doubt the best Batman movie yet. Here’s hoping the new Superman movie lives up to the same high standard. Technorati Tags: batman, movies, superman

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