Monthly Archives: April 2006

Searching for someone?

If you’re looking for me this weekend, don’t bother trying too hard. I’ll be at Looking forward to a good getaway with some awesome rock music. Will blog all about it when I return. Tags: Oppikoppi, rock, sarockmusic, SouthAfricanRockMusic

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What do you have to do today?

Google is now adding some more Ajaxy web-based friendliness with Google Calendar. Yummy. I was struggling to decide which Calendar tool to use. It seems Google has now made it a natural choice for me. So throw out smelly Outlook and virgin Sunbird and head on into the world of web-based calendaring. Its filled with RSS feeds and iCal goodness, with a plethora of sharing options both for getting your diary out and keeping some …

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Too soon?

It’s not too soon. It’s too real. For history’s sake it had to be real. Even though I have zero attachment to it, the footage of an airliner hitting the second tower is still chilling. Or is this the Republican propaganda machine reinforcing its stance? Tags: United93, 911, September11

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