Monthly Archives: June 2006

The Wet T-Shirt World Cup

Rumour has it that currently there are groups of 22 men kicking balls around for 90 minutes in Germany every couple of hours in a bid to win some “soccer” cup that isn’t even shaped like a cup. Forget about that. Go visit the far more enjoyable Wet T-Shirt World Cup. Boy those Spanish and French girls can dance. Sexy! Tags: World Cup, t-shirt, girls, soccer, football

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To Di(rol) For

Dear Dirol-chewing-gum-toothpaste-breath-people, I can’t for like to complain about Tea, and I can’t for like to complain about “Shoomering Reflective Body Lotion” (shoo, sounds like it can be from the Star Trek – maybe for invisibillness), but I can for like to complain about the chewing gum, because your chewies is the chewies I choose. What the blerrie hell must I do with that big cardboard and plestik holder for the gums? In the old …

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Mojo is simply in the Mind

Things are looking up. Initially I thought I was a nerd. As it turns out, that was a pretty accurate assumption. However, be that as it may, I came to a realisation last Thursday: A group of girls walks past Shaun on a packed dance floor at HiFlyerz. Suddenly the leader of the group stops. Usually this would be due to the place being too crowded to even inhale deeply, but no, there’s another reason… …

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