Monthly Archives: July 2006

System Administrator Appreciation Day

Tomorrow, July 28 is international System Administrator Appreciation Day. Please show your love for us poorly appreciated souls. Cash, vehicles, houses and other large gifts are much appreciated. (and as donations may even be tax deductible!) Be sure to seek out creative ways to make use of your system adminstrator here. Tags: sysadmin, sysadminday, systemadministrator

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Chris Chameleon at Tings an Times

I had the extreme privilege of seeing Chris Chameleon perform last night at the new Tings an Times in Hatfield. A great experience. Excellent food, cold beer, fantastic music. Chris Chameleon is an entertainer like no other. He is a truly talented person and his willingness to share his gift is a privilege to us all. I’ll have some photo’s on flickr soon enough. Tags: Chris Chameleon, Tings an Times, Tings, Hatfield, Pretoria, music, South …

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Virgin Broken Firefox Website

The Virgin Money website is not as Firefox friendly as they claim. When trying to apply for their credit card, I found their validations for your personal details are really badly broken. See the screenshot: Their site requirements states: We support any browser with SSL 2.0; SSL 3.0 and a 128 bit cipher, but our site is best viewed by using Internet Explorer 6.0 SP 1, or Netscape 7.2 or Firefox 1.5. You can confirm …

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