Monthly Archives: August 2006

I have had it with these Muthaf*ckin monpolies in this Muthaf*ckin country

So Tectonic has mobilized in the form of the Telecoms Action Group. It’s about time we as consumers made our voices heard about the sorry state of telecoms in South Africa, and this is going to be huge. A full page ad in a national newspaper is the target, spreadfirefox style. I’m pledging R500. I challenge readers to lay down a pledge too (oh, and pay it later too!). Maybe, just maybe this will help …

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Survivor South Africa

I hereby vow never to mention this contrived, fabricated, “reality” show ever on my blog again. Such complete and utter nonsense. “Celebrity Survivor” what a load of wank. Tags: Survivor, SouthAfrica, SurvivorSouthAfrica

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Prison Break Season 2

Michael Scofield, you need to catch a wake up my boy, otherwise it’s back to the chookie for you…

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