Monthly Archives: September 2006

Holy Elk Pee

Oh my god the hangover just won’t go away. It’s getting worse. A “regmaaker” beer didn’t even fix it. A quiet drink. A quiet drink. It’s never just “a quiet drink”. Time to curl up with my head in my hands and sob softly beneath my desk. There’s something real dodgy in the glasses at Monroe’s. Been there twice, felt like absolute shit the next day both times. (They force you to drink from a …

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Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy! I be writing me blog ta inform ye squires of this great day of celebration – the International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Now smartly me lubbbers, be ye seeing this here web-treasure-map-link buried by them salty sea-dogs? It be pirating yer speakin proper. Arrrr. Tags: pirate, talk, scurvydog, tlapd, avast

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Rhythm Records: Excellent SA music Downloads

Finally someone has gotten their game on in the music download industry in SA. I present to you Rhythm Records, an online music store focusing on South African Music. Their music downloads are not DRMed – use it as you choose – and use your conscience. The variety is small but growing. So far there is a lot of Chris Chameleon, a bit of Fokofpolisiekar, and a number of other good artists – I haven’t …

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