Monthly Archives: October 2006

+Live+ live

Live rocked last night at the Dome in Jo’burg! They played two and a half hours of rock, including two encores, and covered some 15 years of the best rock music. Their song selection stretched from some of the latest stuff (which I’m not particularly fond of) right back to tracks from their first full album, Mental Jewelry. Highlights also included Lakini’s Juice and Beauty of Gray, apart from the usual Dolphin’s Cry/Lightning Crashes Live-fangirl …

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It’s Terrorism, Dammit!

This morning’s protest action by Taxi operators – that of blocking major highways with their vehicles and attacking road users is nothing more than straight up terrorism. It was a well-planned, targeted attack at the people of our country, and the economy of our country, and should be treated as such by the authorities. They cannot be allowed to get away with it. They need to be shown in no uncertain terms that they do …

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In keeping with the spirit of this week’s events – I’m proud to announce – South Africa’s first cross-site rock music search engine!!! Please go check it out – I’m continually adding sites to index. If you’d like to help out, feel free to let me know and I’ll send you an invite… The site is in beta, of course, so it still needs some work, but it’s a good start. Rock on… P.S. …

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