Monthly Archives: December 2006

No Book in Google Book Search

Hmmm…. Right… Tags: Google, Book, Search, funny, irony, Google Book Search

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Year of the Dog, begone

So as Oscar pointed out, it’s been the Year of the Dog. Yeh, no kidding. I’ve been working like a freaking dog. Oh, and next year it’s the year of the pig. Wow, something to really look forward to, that.

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Asimov’s Fourth Law: No Stairs!

All you car freaks who visited the Auto Africa show at Nasrec, near Joburg earlier this year must have noticed Honda’s diversion into robotics, and their latest (quite incredible, and somewhat scary) creation – ASIMO. This lead to a long, comprehensive discussion later that evening (over a couple of drinks, of course) between Brad and myself on the some of the design aspects, autonomy, dangers and relative intelligence of the humanoid robot we saw. During …

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