Monthly Archives: January 2007

PSP 3.03 Homebrew Enabler/Downgrader Available

For all those fellow PlayStation Portable users who are stuck in the realm of firmware 2.81-3.03, without any possibility of running homebrew apps or getting the full functionality out of your PSP, good news has arrived: The “Noobz” Team have developed a 1.5.0 downgrader for all the above firmware versions. This should get you onto the custom 3.03 firmware in no time at all! They also released a homebrew enabler that can run on 3.03 …

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Hamster Crash

So most people with a pulse and a TV are well aware of the superb television program “Top Gear”. And by extension if you know Top Gear, you probably knew that Richard “The Hamster” Hammond was involved in major accident while attempting to break the British Land Speed Record. Well, I’ll shut up there and leave it to Google Video. Here’s the footage, courtesy top Gear, of The Hamster’s crash. Tags: RichardHammond, TheHamster, crash, accident, …

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Tchwentchi Schevven Dinnnerr

It was good to get out of the whole East Rand/Pretoria rut and head back into Jozi (Rosebank, spceifically) for the 27dinner. I’m not going to explain the 27dinner concept – just search SA blog sites for it. And yes, it was a huge success – there were easily sixty or seventy people bloggers in attendance. I met some really awesome and interesting and charming people and found a frighteningly long list of covert previous …

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