Monthly Archives: February 2007

What the hell is Shaun up to?

Well, let’s see, yesterday evening I found myself in a rather peculiar situation: Walking out of a shop in Bloemfontein with a newly bought 2 litre bottle of full cream Clover milk, a pair of yellow plastic gloves and a lighter. Strangeness prevails…

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Golf Doos

A gem doing the rounds in the office – Ernie Els tees off with a classic South-Africanism, leaving the commentators to ponder South African slang… Tags: ErnieEls, golf, slang, doos

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Bullet For My Valentine

I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day the alternative way with the intense, riffy, metal sounds of Bullet For My Valentine, an awesome band that a very pretty girl at a record store introduced me to. Thanks gorgeous. 😉 Tags: BulletForMyValentine, valentine, bullet, metal, ValentinesDay, music

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