Monthly Archives: March 2007

Cellular Costs Irregularities

So we all know we’re being ripped off, but do we know how badly? A look at the data versus sms costs of our favourite quadopoly gives a few hints. So the lowdown is like this: 1 SMS is 160 characters. Each character is 1 byte in size, so an SMS is 160 bytes long. 1 Megabyte is roughly 1024000 bytes. This means approximately 6400 SMS messages can fit in 1 Megabyte of data. The …

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Why I Hate 27dinners

Dammit, just when I’m trying my best to become a bored, lazy, TV-watching, cubicle-dwelling, corporate, unmotivated white guy I go and do something stupid like attend the 27dinner. What the hell was I thinking? Now I’ve gone and gotten all motivated, again, to save the world while making millions of dollars using new media and tech geekery. And I’m going to enjoy doing it. Have you ever? I must be, to coin a phrase, overblogging …

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Cricinfo3D – Watch The Cricket World Cup From Your Desk (Almost)

Wow! I must say this a pretty impressive use of technology. Cricinfo broadcasts a ball-by-ball virtual flash-based 3D rendering of the games as they happen (or delayed by a couple of seconds I suppose). It’s a bit like watching stop-motion sports or something, but it does add a helpful level of visualisation without incurring the insane bandwidth costs of streaming television to your PC. Nifty, I like. It ain’t the real thing, but it’s as …

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