Monthly Archives: May 2007

10 Links to Distract You While I’m on the Beach

Right now I’m probably sitting on a warm beach in Mozambique sipping something special. And you’re freezing your backside off back in SA. Sorry. I did think of you though – and to prove it I’ve got 10 great things to keep you occupied while I’m having some downtime. Read some Harry Potter fan-fiction: The Seventh Horcrux. Excellent. Perv over insane rock fest T in the Park, and wonder how the CokeFest could ever dream …

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de-Lille Parades her Tech-Legal-Free Speech Ignorance

My opinion piece on Patricia’s latest diatribe. Tags: freedom, freespeech, politics, patriciadelille, constitution, internet

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ICanHasCheezBurger – TEH FLOOR IZ LAVA!!!1!

Oh, I’ve found a new love for Lolcats. And if ure needz teh translashun, here’s lol-kitteh as a second language trainerz. More at ICanHasCheezBurger. And here’s my very own Lolcat: Tags: icanhascheezburger, lolcat, cat, kitten, kitty, picture, fun, language

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