Monthly Archives: July 2007

The Lost Art of Shopping

Frequent readers will remember my horribly misaligned purchasing profile, where I manage to procure the most horrible combination of seemingly irrelevant products when visiting the shops. Today’s was bad again: 1 x 1200W Hairdryer – Philips (for the 2 year warranty) (Note my current lack of hair) 5 x Pot Scourers (those goldilocks thingies) 1 x 500GB Fujitsu Siemens Storage Device Weird.

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Bluebean Sucks

Continuing with my series on sucky service, here’s a sweet little story at the expense of those thieving money-lenders at Bluebean / Barclaycard / Standard Bank. My Bluebean card was my second ever credit card. (The first, 20twenty, still brings a fond memory and a tear to my eye) I’ve used it well, treated it kind, and in turn it has looked after me over the years. The garage card, which came as part of …

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