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Top 10 things you missed if you weren’t at Oppikoppi 2007 The Way of the Dassie

10. Ménage à Trois‘s Auriel looking and sounding very hot these days while Illimar simply commands his guitar work. 9. Realising Dorp may actually be a kak band. 8. Bumping into Third World Ant!!! and LanLord. 7. Josie Field doing her System of a Down cover. 6. Climbing the front of the sound desk and bitching at the sound guy for fucking up The Parlotones‘ sound. 5. The Wedding DJs playing Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse …

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Yippee-Ki-Yay, motherfucker?

Indeed “Live Free or Die Hard” must be the best action movie to grace our screens in a long time. I highly recommend it as the best skop, skiet en donder movie of 2007! 19 years since the first Die Hard burst onto the big screen Bruce Willis resumes his character as our favourite NYPD Detective John McClane in sarcastic style. The action scenes border on the edge of impossibility, but are held together by …

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