Monthly Archives: December 2007

Ten Life Lessons from 2007 [Big Mistakes Department]

The old adage of “If you love something let it go. If you were meant to have it it will return.” is bullshit. If you love something you’d better cling onto it with every last damn ounce of strength you can muster. Rather that than the alternative of wallowing in self-pity, anger and regret. There are plenty of places to find friends in the world. Facebook is not one of them. Going out every week …

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FREE Smash and Grab! [Limited time offer]

I pulled the following McCarthy Call-a-car advert off the site. An exceptional offer, for sure. “FREE Bluetooth and Smash & Grab”. Say What? I wonder if I could get a complimentary balaclava with that Smash and Grab? Tags: mccarthy, advert, advertising, iafrica, car, crime

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How to Fold a Towel Monkey [Bathroom Wildlife]

Following up on “How to Fold a Towel Elephant” the next in the series could only be: How to Fold a Towel Monkey. Link: How To Fold a Towel Monkey Also: Fold a Towel Cat And: Fold a Towel Lobster And: Fold a Towel Dog Tags: towel, bathroom, decoration, elephant, monkey, cat, lobster, dog

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