Monthly Archives: July 2008

Ken Lee, if libu dibu douchoo [Musically Challenged Dept.]

I can’t say much more than this is the most beautiful version of any Mariah Carey song I have ever heard. Ken Lee on Youtube.

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Buy Griff’s car

It’s a sad sign of the times when poor ou Gibbons has to trade in his sexy car for a new underpowered, embarrasment of a little tjorrie. (a VW citigolf) Check the sales pitch here. Somebody please buy that car.

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Time for Something New [Crazy Biker Dept.]

Yep, in that little picture above the bike on the left is my new baby. Beautiful, sexy and powerful she is…
A 2008 Honda Fireblade will put a smile on any biker’s face – so long as they can sit on it. For those who don’t get to ride it, it’s an exercise in jealousy.

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