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Holy Crap, Windows 3.1 Runs on the N95

This is probably the most amazing sign of the times I’ve seen! I am now, officially, an old-timer. Tech-Grandpa Shaun. Fortunately not yet a has-been. It really puts the pace of progress in perspective when I see Windows 3.1, the first GUI “operating system” I ever crashed and re-installed, running on the Nokia N95, the very same phone I now have in my pocket today. There’s a bit of DosBox hackery involved, but I am …

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The $300 Million Button – How Small Design Details Make Big Differences

Image via Wikipedia Here’s Jared Spool’s story in which he tells how a single change to a site’s shopping cart checkout process from a forced registration to an optional registration increased the site’s annual revenues by $300 Million! As one of the “test customers” says in the article. “I’m not here to be in a relationship. I just want to buy something.” Yes, sometimes you simply do not need the 6 step registration, newsletter and …

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World Cup 2010 – Let the Ticket Scalping Begin!

Image via Wikipedia Friday 20th February 2009 is D-Day for those South African soccer fans who want to attend a match in the 2010 Soccer World Cup. They’ll either have to be willing to fork out huge chunks of cash for a prime spot, or buy up all the cheap seats going for at least R140.  (One wonders if South African flag coloured binoculars will be complimentary with the purchase?) From “In order to …

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