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The Better Official FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa Theme Song

Dear Shakira (and Freshlybackground), Go hop back into your wolf-cage. Arrrooooooooo! We already have a theme song for the FIFA World Cup that sounds way better than the WAKA KAKKA piece of crap you’ve come up with. It’s got waay more spirit and fire and a true African feel, and yes, it’s performed by an African!! I must say I’m hella confused tho. Does anybody else want to do a FIFA theme song? How many …

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10 Ways To Generate Blog Traffic From the iPad [Blatant Whoring Dept.]

iPad Woman, originally uploaded by tsevis Now that the hype is quickly fading, I’d better take this chance to write my own iPad post and get a piece of iPad interwebs traffic pie. And so I present: 10 Ways to Generate Blog Traffic from the iPad. 1. Write flowery prose in praise of the iPad. Followers of the Church of Jesus Jobs will love you. 2. Say the iPad sucks. Try justify it to the …

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Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things

Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things, originally uploaded by dryponder. While you may be aware of Barack Obama feigning interest in mundane things, deep down you always knew there was more to it than what meets the eye. Click the photo above to visit the photographic series of Barack Obama looking at awesome things.

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