Monthly Archives: October 2010

Ze Frank – Emotion on The Web

Ze Frank explains some of his awesome online ideas and projects in this brilliant TED talk. And if you don’t know Ze Frank, Sportsracer, it’s about time you did!

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Put it in your pipe and store it – thoughts on data storage

Roelof Temmingh introduced a fascinating idea in his talk on tea at Zacon II yesterday, and I woke up this morning with some free time and an iPad handy, so I decided to explore the concept of using a “series of tubes” as a storage medium a little closer. At this stage it’s just a gathering of thoughts but hopefully I’ll take the time at a later stage to throw some code behind the idea …

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Evil Boy – Die Antwoord

Zef rap rave heroes Die Antwoord have just launched their latest music video “Evil Boy” on Very very cool effects, awesome editing, and incisive social commentary on the perils of the traditional circumcision/coming of age rituals which South African youth struggle with make this one to watch. Well done to Die Antwoord.

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