Streamline Your App Creation Workflow With Over 57 Hours of Training In This Hot Development Platform

Xamarin Cross Platform Development Bundle: Streamline Your App Creation Workflow With Over 57 Hours of Training In This Hot Development Platform

3 New, In-Depth Courses Bring This Python Bundle to 70 Resume-Enhancing Hours of Content

The Python Power Coder Bonus Bundle: That’s Right, A Bonus 31 Hours of Python Training to Broaden Your Career Horizons

Visual Studio Code – Code Editing. Redefined

Visual Studio Code is a code editor redefined and optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. Visual Studio Code is free and available on your favorite platform – Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows.


The 20 Best Books of 2016, According to 36 “Best of” Lists

If you’re looking for a good book to curl up with this winter, you’re bound to find one on this list. These are the books found on “best of 2016” lists the most. Why read through a bunch of book lists yourself when you can let someone comb through the data for you?



Hyper™: HTML/JS/CSS terminal

Envoyer – Zero Downtime PHP Deployment

One-click deployments built for teams, tuned for Laravel, loaded with tools and goodies you’re going to love.

Servers for Hackers

What programmers need to know about servers.

Laravel Forge – Instant PHP Servers

We don’t discriminate: Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, Statamic, Craft and any other PHP application can easily be installed on a Forge server.

Quick Laravel Admin Panel

Register, name your project, add menus/fields/relationships etc. All visual, no coding required. Laravel files are generated “in background” – you can test your adminpanel as you go.



Reducing latency spikes by tuning the CPU scheduler | ScyllaDB

In this post we will walk through an investigation of latency spikes observed in the Scylla 1.0.x version family, which are linked to the scylla-jmx service running alongside the Scylla server on the same system. We will show how the scheduler can be tuned to reduce latency spikes.

How we fine-tuned HAProxy to achieve 2,000,000 concurrent SSL connections

If you look at the above screenshot closely, you’ll find two important pieces of information: This machine has 2.38 million TCP connections established, and The amount of RAM being used is around 48 Gigabytes. Pretty awesome right?


secureoperator – A DNS-protocol proxy for Google’s DNS-over-HTTPS

DNS-over-HTTPS | Public DNS | Google Developers

To address these problems, Google Public DNS offers DNSSEC-validating resolution over an encrypted HTTPS connection using a web-friendly API that does not require browser or OS configuration or installing an extension. DNS-over-HTTPS greatly enhances privacy and security between a client and a recursive resolver, and complements DNSSEC to provide end-to-end authenticated DNS lookups.

Google Public DNS

No Description

GoTTY – Share Your Linux Terminal (TTY) as a Web Application

GoTTY is a simple GoLang based command line tool that enables you to share your terminal(TTY) as a web application. It turns command line tools into web applications. It employs Chrome OS’ terminal emulator ( hterm) to execute a JavaScript based terminal on a web browsers.

New Draft NIST standards for password management

“Verifiers SHOULD NOT impose other composition rules (e.g., mixtures of different character types) on memorized secrets. Verifiers SHOULD NOT require memorized secrets to be changed arbitrarily (e.g., periodically) and SHOULD only require a change if the subscriber requests a change or there is evidence of compromise of the authenticator.”