Bluebean is so emo!

Continuing with my series on sucky service, here’s a sweet little story at the expense of those thieving money-lenders at Bluebean / Barclaycard / Standard Bank.

My Bluebean card was my second ever credit card. (The first, 20twenty, still brings a fond memory and a tear to my eye) I’ve used it well, treated it kind, and in turn it has looked after me over the years. The garage card, which came as part of the deal, is just pure bliss. At the end of this month I will be closing my Bluebean account. All my future credit dealings will be through Virgin Money. Here’s why:

Upon opening my June credit card statement yesterday (yes, I’m a wee bit slow when it comes to snail mail), I noticed the unusually high debit interest rate of 22.5%. I was dead sure that all my previous statements had said 19%. In fact I was absolutely certain because two weeks ago I attempted to get Bluebean to match the better Virgin Money Credit Card interest rate of 17%. Yeah sure, a couple of percentage points it may be, but it all adds up, doesn’t it?

Upon calling the call centre I was informed that the interest rate was raised to this amount following the introduction of the new National Credit Act. What the Fu–? No seriously, I’ve perused the details of the act, and nowhere does it say that money lenders must now increase their interest rates. Blimey. I told them I wanted to renegotiate my rate and they flat out told me they do not negotiate.

So that’s that. I said “Fuck You Clowns” (well not quite as nicely), and asked them to close the account. In the blink of an eye they lost a 7-year-loyal customer. It then took me all of five minutes to apply for the addition of a Garage Card to my Virgin Money account. Virgin now gives me 18% without any bullshit or levels or grades. They’re taking an extra percent, probably in line with rate changes, to survive, but they’re not trying to rip their consumers a new one!

To add insult to injury, the Bluebean website still states an even more incorrect interest rate.

BlueBean incorrect interest rate

I’m in the process of fighting them to backdate all charges (for all customers, not just me!) all the way back to the lower rate until such time as they correct the website. It may not work, but the fight sure is fun!

Put simply, Bluebean sucks.

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