Personalized cancer vaccines

Neoantigen vaccines use the DNA from a cancer patient’s own tumor to, hopefully, eradicate the cancer. For some 50 years, cancer biologists have tried to incite the immune system to attack cancer by targeting molecules that commonly stud the surfaces of malignant cells.

I Can’t Fucking Decide Between

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STAMP – Move to Apple Music, Spotify or Google Music

Move Spotify, Rdio and Google Music tracks and playlists to Apple Music for free!

Cinesift – Search Netflix and Amazon Prime Movies

Cinesift, bringing together Netflix, Amazon Prime, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, Letterboxd and Metacritic data to help you find movies super fast.


Screencast-O-Matic is trusted by millions of users to create and share screen recordings.

WMI: How to troubleshoot High CPU Usage by WMI Components

Windows Management Instrumentation Service (Winmgmt) or WMI provider (wmiprvse.exe) is consuming high amounts of CPU. In the directions below, you may have already broken out WMI Service to troubleshoot your issue. By default, WMI runs in the main shared networking svchost process with several other services.

Tutorial: DTrace by Example

DTrace, or Dynamic Tracing, is a powerful diagnostic tool introduced in the Solaris 10 OS. Since its introduction, it has been implemented in other operating systems, the most noteworthy being FreeBSD and Mac OS X. This tutorial uses DTrace to analyze several applications.

DTrace Tools

The following are open source tools and examples that use DTrace, an implementation of dynamic tracing that is available in different OSes (Solaris, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, …). DTrace helps troubleshoot problems on servers by providing new detailed views of application and system internals, to a level that was previously difficult or impossible to access.

ZFS Best Practices Guide

This section describes general recommendations for setting up ZFS storage pools. Run ZFS on a system that runs a 64-bit kernel One GB or more of memory is recommended. Approximately 64 KB of memory is consumed per mounted ZFS file system.


Hoard was designed primarily by Professor Emery Berger of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, based on his PhD thesis work at the University of Texas at Austin. The Hoard memory allocator has …

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Leadership for Engineers

Learn how to effectively lead in a technology-driven world, define your personal leadership journey, and make your career choices.

Getting started with Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates on Ubuntu

This tutorial will guide you through your very first configuration of an SSL website with Let’s Encrypt certification. Let’s Encrypt is a new SSL authority that provides free SSL certificates.