Featuring Evanescence, Hoobastank, and well, umm, Something ‘n Roses….
(And a bunch of mystery SA artists.)

My Coke? Fest

Should be a blast, but…

Please Note
NO cameras, NO cooler boxes, NO bottles, NO drinks of any sort, NO alcohol, NO chairs, NO weapons, NO studded arm bands, NO studded jewellery of any sort, NO umbrellas of any sort or any recording equipment allowed. If any of the above is brought to the venue it will be CONFISCATED and WILL NOT be given back.

Thanks for spoiling the fun Big Concerts, 5fm, Coca Cola, and the rest of you wankers.

I’m there – supporting the artists, and for no other reason.

[New Artist Update:]
Three Doors Down and StainD have been confirmed as the other international artists to perform.

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