Amy Lee / Evanescence

The bands rocked. The organisation was improved but far from perfect. The concert organisers lied. Again. (Think about the promised Golden Circle concession stands…aaah, yes, forgot about that one did we?)

Did I mention the bands rocked? OK, except maybe 3 Doors Down. Snore.

Hoobastank stole the show with their performance. Hands down. They really were a surprise. Evanescence and Staind were exceptional and polished. (And threw out a couple of disses at Axl) And boy did the SA bands bring some A-game. Fantastic performances all round. Cassette we love you!

Fortunately the heavy lifting has been done as Oscar reviewed the Joburg MyCokeFest and there’s more detail here.

I’m just here to bring you the nice little tidbits:

Like Photos of the MyCokeFest.
And then some Videos of the MyCokeFest.
The top 4 are mine – the rest I discovered on Youtube. (Despite the old forbidden-camera rule)
Share the love.

Go ahead, enjoy! I did.

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