Open tabs are pesky little things. These are the ones I haven’t gotten to, but may want in future.

Traffic Is Fake, Audience Numbers Are Garbage, And Nobody Knows How Many People See Anything

How many living, breathing human beings really read Techdirt? The truth – the most basic, rarely-spoken truth – is that we have no earthly idea. With very few exceptions, no media property big or small, new or old, online or off…

Make the Perfect Pancakes Every Time With This Handy Graphic

Pancakes are delicious, but it’s easy to screw them up if you’re not careful. Before you make your next batch, check out this graphic with handy tips on how to get them just right. The chart above from The Art of Manliness details how to make the perfect pancake.

Optimizing the dining experience for couples

This is entertaining: Megan McArdle considers four possible economic approaches to how couples should order food in restaurants. 3. Individual property rights, with option trading. Now we’re moving toward a more central is a list with many different commands for Siri in English and German

Firefox History stats with Bash –

This is a small script to gather some statistics from your Firefox history. First we use sqlite3 to parse the Firefox history database and get the last three months, then we remove all the IP addresses and port numbers and finally we sort and count it.

Google Play Music

Free radio for everything you do. Store 50,000 tracks from your personal collection. Subscribe for on-demand access to 35 million songs and offline listening.

music for productivity and flow.

SlideBot – Beautiful Slides Instantly

In seconds, SlideBot automatically creates unique and powerful presentations that are individually tailored to your content. Try it now.

SandDance | Dynamic Visual Data Exploration

By using easy-to-understand views, a touch-based interface, and animated transitions between views, SandDance helps you find insights about your data, which in turn help you tell stories supported by data, build cases based on evidence, test hypotheses, dig deeper into surface explanations, support decisions for purchases, or relate data into a wider, real world context.

Datadeck – The Ultimate Spreadsheet Dashboard

Datadeck put all of your data on one beautiful dashboard. Make data informed decisions with a single glance.

Analytics Academy

Become an analytics expert.

Buy and Sell Domain Names | Undeveloped

Buy and Sell Domains with Undeveloped. Discover 21 Million domains for sale on our marketplace. Undeveloped provides safe and easy transactions.

Disk I/O | Performance Tuning on Linux

Disks are block devices and we can access related kernel data structures throughSysfs. We can use the kernel data structures under/sys to select and tune I/O queuing algorithms for the block devices. “Block” and “character” are misleading names for device types.

BeeGFS Wiki: Tips and Recommendations for Storage Server Tuning

BeeGFS Parallel File System – Wiki

Best Ways to Wrap an Extension Cord for Storage

There are things contractors do that we all should take note of, and electrical cord storage is one of those things. It’s important to properly store your cord to elongate its lifespan- plus, it will save you the headache of having to unwind 100 feet of tangles and knots.

How to Build Your Own Amazon Echo with a Raspberry Pi

The Amazon Echo is useful to have around the home. It can play podcasts, take reminders and notes, tell you the length of your commute, even control other appliances in your house. But at prices ranging from $50 to $150, it’s an expensive proposition if you’re not sure you’ll use it.

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Tuning RMAN Performance

An RMAN backup or restore job can be divided into separate phases or components. The slowest of these phases in any RMAN job is called the bottleneck. The purpose of RMAN tuning is to identify the bottlenecks for a given job and use RMAN commands, initialization parameters, or adjustments to physical media to improve performance.

Chapter 5. Memory Usage and Page Cache

free” on the first line.