It was good to get out of the whole East Rand/Pretoria rut and head back into Jozi (Rosebank, spceifically) for the 27dinner. I’m not going to explain the 27dinner concept – just search SA blog sites for it.

And yes, it was a huge success – there were easily sixty or seventy people bloggers in attendance. I met some really awesome and interesting and charming people and found a frighteningly long list of covert previous affiliations of which I was not aware – I’ve obviously been online far too much in the past 10 years…

So here are a few of the names (with some linkage love) of peeps I met and spent time chatting to. It’s largely incomplete but this is a good smattering of my “social butterfly-edness”…
Mike Stopforth – At last, we meet!
Victoire – Hey old varsity buddy!
Nic Haralambous
Vincent Maher – Nearly managed to steal a lighter from this legend!
Dave Duarte
Dominic White
Daniela Faris
Gregor Rohrig
Carly Ritz – We didn’t get to chat but thanks for giving me a bum raffle ticket!!!
Heather Ford
Rory Freeman – Source of hilarity and wealth of TV related information.
Megan Woods

There were plenty other short chats here and there – so much going on – ideas aplenty and in general a good crowd of high-energy, high-motivation people.

I took a couple of lousy 27dinner photos and then got bored with it as the beer (and Stormhoek) started to flow…

All in all, a great way to spend a saturday evening!

Oh, and if anyone is missing a red lighter – yes I (unintentionally) came to own it. I owe you one.

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