Third World Ant posted a stirring blog entry entitled

“The trouble with being a woman”

Wow! Such stunning use of contrast, thought and word. Really cool. Go read it now. Then come back to this.

It inspired me to write my own version, from a (my) male perspective.
I think it works best if you read both posts side by side.
(It also makes mine seem a bit better!! Doing so helps improve the quality of my piece.)

The trouble with being a man

I want to be your knight in shining armour
But I want to be the bastard jester with my friends

I want to lift you up to lofty heights
But want not your view from above to make me seem unworthy

I want to leave work early that I may welcome you home
But I don’t want to make the time for an invaluable call or sms

I want to be the smothered focus of your every attention
But I want my own time and space

I want you to know I love you without fail
But sometimes I want to hate, ‘cos love’s what hurts the most

I need you
But I should want you more