The Virgin Money website is not as Firefox friendly as they claim.
When trying to apply for their credit card, I found their validations for your personal details are really badly broken.

See the screenshot:
Say what?

Their site requirements states:
We support any browser with SSL 2.0; SSL 3.0 and a 128 bit cipher, but our site is best viewed by using Internet Explorer 6.0 SP 1, or Netscape 7.2 or Firefox 1.5. You can confirm your browser version by selecting the Help drop-down menu and then clicking on the About option.

I am using Firefox, so what is the problem Sir Branson?
You launch a product with all the flash and fanfare and media but *the site doesn’t work!!!*

I hope their banking software developers can build better applications than their web development team, because right now if I had a Virgin Money card, I wouldn’t feel so secure.

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