Fuck Sentech

Today I became the proud owner of the following legal letter: Dear Sir, SOUTH AFRICA: Objection to the registration of the FUCKSENTECH.CO.ZA Internet domain name and possible passing-off and unlawful competition thereof by SHAUN DEWBERRY SOUTH AFRICA: Trade Mark Registration “SENTECH DEVICE” in class 38 ino Sentech Limited – Registration Numbers 1994/03902 SOUTH AFRICA: Trade […]

The Espoo Diaries, Volume 6, 17 May – 6 June 2004

Previously on The Espoo Diaries: “…soothing, sultry manner in which certain young Finnish women speak…” “…introduced me to some Nigerian connections…” “…Lost on Lautasaari…” “…rest of evening all blurred into one…” “…brightened with a smile from Moneypenny…” The 20th of May is a good day in most of Europe. Previously known as Ascension Day in […]

Blog while you wait

So I’m drumming my fingers on the desk, humming, listening to some Robbie “Wobbie” Williams and White Stripes and waiting for the script that is reloading and rebuilding my Ariba Buyer instance. A bit of a time consuming process it is, despite the fact that my machine is a relatively decent specification. Otherwise there really […]

Yet again Buys proves he has no clue…

** yawn ** Buys’ media whore inc. My favourites – ‘…and “hacker” or “leet” talk – a code language commonly used by hackers. ..’ ‘…The fact that an extremist Pakistani group is active in South Africa is truly worrying,” said Buys…’ Yeah, Reinhardt, I’m shitting my pants. Here’s the article: Political hackers target 73 SA […]

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