Monthly Archives: August 2005

Google Talk – Awesome

Google have closely followed their launch of Google Desktop 2 with Google Talk. And it works. The Google client also integrates very nicely with an existing gmail account, although any XMPP/Jabber client can connect to the service. There’s still the odd bug here and there, but yes, somehow Google just knows what people want and when they want it. It even supports basic proxy authentication, which is exactly what I used to struggle with on …

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Life Sucks Sometimes

First of all, thanks to the Accident Hash podcast for the (stolen) title to this blog entry. So I get a call just after eight this morning – I was working the late shift and so was still in bed – and it’s my mom and she’s been in an accident. Obviously my first question was “Is everyone ok?”, which was indeed the case. Fortunately. What happened? Well, a left rear wheel came off of …

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Musica digital downloads rubbish rubbish rubbish

Oh dear. Musica has now illustrated to me in perfect clarity that they do not understand their target market and will never be successful with digital downloads. From their (well kinda theirs) website (Firefox users don’t bother clicking – the site does not support you) ‘Please note – our downloads will NOT play on IPODs.’ WTF? The digital music download community in South Africa is still relatively small. However, the digital music download community is …

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