Musica digital downloads rubbish rubbish rubbish

Oh dear. Musica has now illustrated to me in perfect clarity that they do not understand their target market and will never be successful with digital downloads.

From their (well kinda theirs) website (Firefox users don’t bother clicking – the site does not support you)

‘Please note – our downloads will NOT play on IPODs.’


The digital music download community in South Africa is still relatively small. However, the digital music download community is also the group of people that is bleeding edge when it comes to techno-gadgets. The bleeding edge techno-gadget group is the group that will have bought iPods first because the iPod is really the mainstream portable music device. So we have this situation where there is a massive overlap between those people who are willing to download music over the internet and those people who will have bought iPods. They, in effect, are the same group.

Thus by eliminating iPod owners, Musica is eliminating their most likely target market.

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

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WHy even bother with Musica? Kazaa, my friends, on a decent Sentech signal. No cap, no worries.

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