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I joined the madness at Computicket on Friday evening to wait in queue for a chance to get my hands on some Robbie Williams tickets on Saturday morning. Fortunately luck was with me and I was not one of the many disappointed fans who missed out on tickets when they sold out at about midday. Yes, it apparently took all of three hours to sell every ticket that was going for the Pretoria and Cape Town shows.

Of course the call centre was unavailable and their website – predictably – went down (they want to run Dell hardware, what do they expect?). I covered every angle with a spot in the queue, an internet connection and a cellphone call to the ticket booking centre. I’m actually lucky I decided to stay in the queue and not simply try over the net, as that would have been disastrous. In the end the queue paid off.

The queue

Despite the sellout I do suspect that there will still be tickets available as time passes – most people in the queue bought the full quota of 6 tickets, probably with a view to get rid of them later at a premium. I even have a couple of spare tickets myself – what with the concert being about six months away, you never know what could happen in the interim. Hell, in six months I could probably convert someone into a Robbie Williams fan and then sell them a spare ticket!!!

So if you’re reading this and you want a ticket, contact me. I promise nothing, and you’re gonna need a good reason for not being with me in that queue, but you never know, you may catch me in a generous mood.

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