Sun this week released their new X86 64bit servers – a set of machines that blast the competition out of the water. Check out the benchmarks for the Sun Fire tm X2100,X4100, and X4200 64 bit X86 servers – they destroy the competition and set a whole bunch of new world records. Awesome stuff.

Bundled with the new servers is a kickass marketing campaign to remind everyone who Sun actually is. Of course a few of the ads proved a bit too hot for conservative conventional press, and they’ll never fly in South Africa, so I’m linking to the details here.

My favourite? – 100% more bitchin’ than Dell. Quite frankly though, in my technical opinion, Dell should never have come close to being competition for Sun. I’ve always viewed them as inferior, and it is surprising that they are credited through this as being real competition.

Great servers, edgy, risque marketing, now that’s good reason to work for Sun.