10 Links to Distract You While I’m on the Beach

Right now I’m probably sitting on a warm beach in Mozambique sipping something special. And you’re freezing your backside off back in SA. Sorry. I did think of you though – and to prove it I’ve got 10 great things to keep you occupied while I’m having some downtime.

Read some Harry Potter fan-fiction: The Seventh Horcrux. Excellent.

Perv over insane rock fest T in the Park, and wonder how the CokeFest could ever dream of competing.

Browse unbelievable Ye Olde Metal Days photo set on flickr.

Ponder Amazon’s soon-to-be-DRM-free music download store.

Read about brain plasticity and sensory hacking at Wired.

Watch The Long Take – The Greatest Long Tracking Shots in Cinema

Ponder Patent reform with fellow Wired Readers.

Shape up your memory – 10 ways to keep the old noggin working nicely.

Meet the real guitar heroes.

Check out the interesting ad campaign suggesting the immortality of Doc Martens.

With any luck, that lot will keep you distracted from my beach bliss, and I’ll return with a great stories of STRAB to share with you all…

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