10 Ways To Generate Blog Traffic From the iPad [Blatant Whoring Dept.]

iPad Woman: The wired and wireless future of media and infotainment by tsevis.

iPad Woman, originally uploaded by tsevis
Now that the hype is quickly fading, I’d better take this chance to write my own iPad post and get a piece of iPad interwebs traffic pie.
And so I present: 10 Ways to Generate Blog Traffic from the iPad.

1. Write flowery prose in praise of the iPad. Followers of the Church of Jesus Jobs will love you.
2. Say the iPad sucks. Try justify it to the Fruit Church. Same church peeps will hang, draw and quarter you online.
3. Blend an iPad. (or write about it watching it blend, at least)
4. Fence sit with your (non-)opinion of the iPad.
5. Question the iPad’s ability as a computer. (Really? When we call smartphones computers?)
6. Pine over the lack of a worldwide release.
7. Disassemble your iPad.
8. Make a summary of everyone else’s reviews.
9. Arrange a debate on the pro’s and cons of the iPad.
10. Write a post titled: 10 Ways To Generate Blog Traffic From the iPad.

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