A Comparison of Mobile Data Offerings – 13 June 2012

I did a quick comparison of current mobile data offerings for a friend, so I figured I may as well just publish it here for everyone. The basic requirement is for some mobile data connectivity – emails, facetube and such on a laptop, but not necessarily huge downloads. Most of the deals suck in that they lock you into 24 month contracts. I know 8ta has very good packages but I’m not sure what their coverage is like.

Here are the current best low-end (2GB or so) options:


10Gigs x 24 months for R199pm, R200 connection fee, bring your own modem.

2Gigs(day) + 1 Gigs(night) prepaid @R149pm, bring your own device.


2GB x 24 months @ R139pm, free modem, free connection, free SIM.


2GB (day) + 2GB (night) x 24 months @ R149pm, free modem.


2GB x 24 months @R99pm, bring your own modem.

Personally I’d go for the 10gig 8ta plan if you want download a lot, otherwise the 8ta 2gb promo if you don’t want to be tied into a contract, assuming you have coverage. The only downside to the prepaid is you have to keep recharging which can be a pain in the ass every month. If you want a new free 3G modem, you’ll end up signing for 24 months but you can also buy 3G modems for R500-R800.

Bar 8ta, it still amounts to at least R50 per GB, which is retarded. In sum: the consumer is getting ripped off by being forced to sign an unnecessary 24month contract or alternatively pay exorbitant prepaid rates. Not cool.

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I’ve bookmarked for ppl who ask me the very same question

Might be worth mentioning that 8ta has been DOG SLOW the past week or so. Waiting for official word.

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