Automotive Progress…

Spending time on the road during the daily commute tends to allow your thoughts to wander from such things as deliberately causing traffic snarl-ups as terrorist attacks against the economy (low-casualty, high-impact) through to saving the world by buying a Vespa.

And then every so often you see something interesting:

A 1992 Honda CR-X 3

Which just goes to show that in 15 or so years, car technology has really crawled at a snails pace. Why?

A 2005 Citroen C4

The similarity is striking.

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3 replies on “Automotive Progress…”

Oh dear Shaun, seems to me you’ve gone and bought a 10 year old car. should have gone big and bought a 80 year old car- a revamped beetle. ok crap idea.

certainly will consult the archives before i buy a new car.

It seems all manufacturers have slowed down. If you think about it, there’s really not much more you can do with 4 wheels and a drive train.

Manufacturers are concentrating on hybrid petro-electric engines, hydrogen power, decreasing emissions and passenger safety.

I don’t blame them

How has your C4 been treating you thus far dude ? My Benchmark ST made me a regular at the fuel pumps 🙂

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