Awesome Homebrew Guitar Hero Linkage

Guitar Hero

Today MAKE Magazine pointed to a series of amazing Guitar Hero hacks!

A growing community is throwing their own choice of songs into the hit Playstation game.

Homebrew Guitar Hero Projects
Idiot Proof Guide to MAKING Custom Guitar Hero Songs
Idiot Proof Guide to playing custom made songs in GH2.
Custom Song Index

And here’s a Youtube vid of one of the results:
System of a Down – Hypnotize

If there’s ever an excuse to chip your PS2, this one’s it.
Rock on!

And if you don’t have a PS2 or the Guitar Hero game, there’s always Frets on Fire, the Open Source guitar hero clone for your PC. (runs on Windows, Linux and OSX)

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So where can you buy a set of GH controllers in SA without ruining your bank balance? I havent seem them in too many places in Cape Town…

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