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Best Links of August 2015 (so far)

Hickies Responsive Lacing System
Turn the Raspberry Pi into an FM Transmitter
Custom Straight Outta Compton Logo-izer
Kali Linux Pentest Linux Distro
Color Hunt – Beautiful Colours Updated Daily – Tips and safety for LSD/Shrooms/Psychedelics
Different dosage of LSD explained
New Do Not Track Coalition for Web Browsing
Everything You Can Ask Cortana to do in Windows 10
Primer’s Complete Guide to Proper Shoe Care
Darkroom 2 Photo Editing app
Convert a phsical Linux machine into KVM virtual machine
Docker can get messy. Know how to clean up properly.
Strong End vs Weak End System Model, valuable knowledge for multihomed hosts.
(Your) life’s most important numbers in one app
Stephen Bourne – Early days of Unix and design of sh (Youtube video)
Tubio – Stream Youtube to any DLNA-enabled (smart) TV.

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