Blood Diamond – An African Review

Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond: the story of a rare pink conflict diamond discovered by a slave labourer (Djimon Hounsou) in civil war-torn Sierra Leone.

It really is a story that needs to be told – showing the different lives of the African people, and how there is so much difference between being a white african and a black african, and yet we’re all in the same boat, trying to get by and survive as best we can.

Leonard DiCaprio pulls off a pretty good Sarf-Efrikan accent. I love the South Africanisms – “bru”, “boet”, “ja” and more (although technically his character is “Rhodesian”). DiCaprio plays the prospector who chases riches in Africa to sell to “Van de Kaap” diamond emporium (Horribly mispronounced in the movie by all characters as “Van Der Cap”). The parallels to current famous diamond producers are exquisite, – almost to the point of parody.

It’s a gripping and entertaining movie – bearing a story similar to what most of us have heard or know (I hope we know at least some of the story of conflict diamonds). It feels good to have one of our African stories told with the respect and enlightenment it deserves. At times it is shocking too – seeing what the rebel forces did to innocent civilians, hearing Leo laying out the “Kaf”-word, and watching the level of inhumane detachment as one climbs the corporate food chain.

This one is well worth watching folks.

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I really loved that movie and how it told a story that most of the leaders in the diamond trade would love to squash. Good job done by the director and actors.

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