Bluebean Sucks

Bluebean is so emo!

Continuing with my series on sucky service, here’s a sweet little story at the expense of those thieving money-lenders at Bluebean / Barclaycard / Standard Bank.

My Bluebean card was my second ever credit card. (The first, 20twenty, still brings a fond memory and a tear to my eye) I’ve used it well, treated it kind, and in turn it has looked after me over the years. The garage card, which came as part of the deal, is just pure bliss. At the end of this month I will be closing my Bluebean account. All my future credit dealings will be through Virgin Money. Here’s why:

Upon opening my June credit card statement yesterday (yes, I’m a wee bit slow when it comes to snail mail), I noticed the unusually high debit interest rate of 22.5%. I was dead sure that all my previous statements had said 19%. In fact I was absolutely certain because two weeks ago I attempted to get Bluebean to match the better Virgin Money Credit Card interest rate of 17%. Yeah sure, a couple of percentage points it may be, but it all adds up, doesn’t it?

Upon calling the call centre I was informed that the interest rate was raised to this amount following the introduction of the new National Credit Act. What the Fu–? No seriously, I’ve perused the details of the act, and nowhere does it say that money lenders must now increase their interest rates. Blimey. I told them I wanted to renegotiate my rate and they flat out told me they do not negotiate.

So that’s that. I said “Fuck You Clowns” (well not quite as nicely), and asked them to close the account. In the blink of an eye they lost a 7-year-loyal customer. It then took me all of five minutes to apply for the addition of a Garage Card to my Virgin Money account. Virgin now gives me 18% without any bullshit or levels or grades. They’re taking an extra percent, probably in line with rate changes, to survive, but they’re not trying to rip their consumers a new one!

To add insult to injury, the Bluebean website still states an even more incorrect interest rate.

BlueBean incorrect interest rate

I’m in the process of fighting them to backdate all charges (for all customers, not just me!) all the way back to the lower rate until such time as they correct the website. It may not work, but the fight sure is fun!

Put simply, Bluebean sucks.

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Well done, Shaun. I’ve been having a fight with Barclaycard, who as a member of the DMA should have known my “Do Not Contact” status but ignored it and are now ducking and diving to avoid responsibility.

Some years ago Standard Bank stopped sending my wife her garage card statements, and after 6 months decided they wanted all the money. We had fun getting them to straighten that one out, but I makde them agree that since they had sent no statements for 6 month we would be given 6 months interest free to pay the amount off and close the account, along with all the other Standard Bank accounts we had.

BTW, the collective noun for “bankers” is “wunch”. Think about it 😉

Bluebean is the lowest of low bloodsucking bottom dwellers. Their service ratings should read something like -100. I lost my job and told Bluebean that I could only pay a certain amount. At first they wanted everything and then agreed to let me pay what I could afford. Then the calls started. Every two three days the collection department would call me, making like they do not know about any arrangements made. Then I discovered that every time they called me they charged me a R100 collection fee. So it was very convenient and lucrative for them to forget about arrangements. I threatened to go to the media with this and they quickly apologized and wrote back the collection fees. I then got the money and settled my account. I told them a month ago that I want the account closed. Every time they answer my email telling me that the closure department will be in touch with me within 48 hours. Never happens and I’m still waiting. Moral of the story; be afraid, be very afraid of dealing with Bluebean. Like the say; “Dance with the devil”.

I agree with all the comments. I had a running battle for 6 months to get them to honour their advertising agreements, and guess what: they have trained their managers in the art of deceit, double-dealings and playing for time. And here I thought I was the only one being played. Where is the Ombudsman when you need him?

How strnge is it to feel relieved that I’m not the only one being treated like a piece of shit!


I agree with all the above and wish to add that I do not take kindly to the way in which the debt collectors talk to clients – it is nothing short of rude. I am not a criminal – I fell behind for a couple of months during which I cut up my card – I have since rectified the matter. I find their intimidation unacceptable and the constant calls at all times of the day and night very invasive. On one occasion I tried to tell the caller that I could not talk as I was in a meeting she just simply carried on until I had to put the phone down.
The ironic part is that during this time frame I was getting mail from Blue Bean prompting me to use my card as it had not been used for several months. I have now received a delivery notification to collect a new card from the Post Office – dream on – with the interest, admin fees and collection charges I will never make use of that product again.

I am a lawyer, journalist, activist and master shit stirrer. I presently have Bluebean, Vodacom and Telkom in my sights. If anyone wants to tell me about crap that they had from any person, then email me at I specialise in harassing attorneys and law societies. Whatever I do for you I do free of charge. I can assure you that you have rights that you may not even be aware of.

Are you interested in a 9 year old Mastercard/Thomas Cook event that made me lost all I had?


The most efficient thing Bluebean ever did for me was close my account. Everything else was just a hassle

How did you do it. Have never received the Blue Bean card yet get regular statements. The last 2 my phone didn’t even want to open.

HAHAHA. Well done Shaun. I get everyone I know to leave Standardbank and their blue bean bullshit. I have been closing the same two credit cards for the past 7 years. Each time its a new debt collector calling, because I am refusing to pay after the forth time of closing it. But now when I try calling those collectors to find out who they are and verify they are real, some of those I payed money to, don’t even exist. The numbers are fake or no longer in use. So, in a case like this, it seems like Standard Bank allies themselves with Thieves, Fraudsters, and Scam artists.
I get sms’s on a daily basis regarding an account i am not the owner of, and get tons of emails asking me to log in to my account to do al kinds of things. Now I know many of them are phishing, but some are not and the links are ligit. So PISS OFF standard bank. You are a KAK bank.

To date I am still with Bluebean. Perhaps for about 7-8 years now. I had not too many issues but lately on my recent queries their answers were very vague. Considering all the above statements, perhaps I will give them soon a red card.

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