Catch My Disease

‘my head is a box filled with nothing
and thats the way i like it’

So it seems like Ben Lee’s latest album “Awake Is the New Sleep” is starting to catch some radio-play in the mainstream.


I’ve had the album for quite a while now (nyah, nyah, nyahnyah, nyah!). 😛

Honestly, it’s really just upbeat feel good music. And I love it.
It keeps me sane in the traffic to and from work everyday.

Without the catchy, insightful and inspiring sounds of “We’re All In This Together” I’m sure by now I would have wielded my black Citroen like Excalibur and slashed off the frail arms of many fellow road users.

I don’t, and I have to thank Ben Lee for at least part of me remaining on the safe side of sanity.

My favourite lyric in the whole album:
‘she told me she’d love me like fireworks
and thats the way i like it’

Second fave:
‘she drank beer with coca-cola
and thats the way i like it’

I guess when it comes to happy music thats the way I like it.

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