Cherryflava points out SCIgen, the perfect way to save my ailing tertiary education attempts. My next thesis is guaranteed to rock with the help of a few MIT students who managed to get computer-generated gibberish to be accepted as a paper at a scientific conference.

Barney Simon to Podcast

Very, very interesting news – keep an eye on this site for news about Barney Simon’s radio future. I spoke to him on Saturday at The Rock Concert 6 at Carnival City, and he indicated his interest in releasing his show as a podcast while he works on bringing his choice of rock music back […]

Rock Star Power

If you don’t understand my new tagline (Rock Star Hacker in Training), here is something to show you where I’m heading…

Predictable Vanishing Act

Suddenly, after being solicited to us for weeks, within days of R.E.M. leaving the country, no more of their music is being played by mainstream radio. How sad. I hope the DJs and their producers, as well as the concert promoters feel very shameful at their blatant attempts to exploit the public. Does the SABC […]

REM Concert Photos

Well, here it is, eventually, the link to my (prohibited) photos of R.E.M.’s concert in Johannesburg on 10 March 2005. There’s actually a dodgy video clip or four in that collection too. (I eventually ran out of memory on my camera). Enjoy!

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