Culturally Liberated Expression

What a phenomenal story! A uniquely talented artist going by the name “Banksy” walked into the four largest museums in New York City and proceeded to exhibit his own works – simply a case of sticking them on the wall, really. Fantastic. Apparently two of the works have been removed, but the other two remain […]

Bluescreen no longer

So it seems the days of seeing a “blue screen of death” at the airport may be over, however they have been lovingly replaced with a “low disk space warning”. See Now arriving… low disk space”. Looking closely the problem appears to stem from Arkansas, but at least it is timely. 🙂

R.E.M live in Johannesburg, 10 March 2005

Brilliant. Yep. That is the word that best describes the entire R.E.M. experience. Sure there were downsides and upsides, but it averages out to brilliant. My first coup of the evening was getting my camera in. If I pay R370 for a ticket I’d like to be able to take a couple of snaps. So […]

The Warm Up to R.E.M in Joburg

Yes, R.E.M. mania has hit South Africa hard and the pace is not letting up. I’m starting to get real excited about the concert on Thursday. The venue is sold-out and the crowd is hungry. The media has been pushing R.E.M. down our throats from all angles. Judging by the shows in Cape Town last […]

Danko Jones @ The Doors

So despite my Computicket debacle I still got my hands on a ticket to see Danko Jones at the Doors nightclub in Edenvale on Saturday. In all honesty the tickets weren’t that difficult to get hold of – the place was relatively empty but filled up enough to make it worthwhile. 16Stitch opened with a […]

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